Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Peripheral Neuropathy

JOY SCALE: 10/10
Hello Everyone, Well I finally have something worthy of this blog to share with you. Have you ever heard of peripheral neuropathy? For approximately 6 months I have been experiencing pain, numbness, and tingling in my hands and feet. When I walked my feet felt as if they were walking on small sharp rocks. My beautiful wife, who is a nurse, said that what I was experiencing was neuropathy. I finally decided to have someone at the VA look at it. The doctor at the Podiatry Clinic confirmed what my wife had said. What I had was peripheral neuropathy. We Googled peripheral neurophathy and here is a definition from Wikipedia: Peripheral neuropathy is the term for damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system, which may be caused either by diseases of the nerve or from the side-effects of systemic illness. I ended my Podiatry visit with a brand new pair of "Ambulator" protective shoes. Style wise they weren't too bad. I prefer my comfortable work boots, but they do not protect my feet from injury. The protective shoes are in fact used by diabetics because they also experience diabetic neuropathy. For me the shoes will be doing the same thing-protecting my feet from injury. The Podiatrist also gave me a tube each of Biofreeze and Capsaicin to try out. These creams were to be applied a couple times a day. The Hot and cold creams hopefully will give the nerves a different sensation. So far I haven't felt any change in numbness.
I continue to look at each day with joy and hope. My beautiful wife and I continue to share ourselves with reckless abandon. Who can ask for more?