Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't Smoke Ever

JOY SCALE: 10/10
Hi Everybody, All is well on the cancer front. The change back to Zoladex is working out well. There are a few side effects form the changeover, but I can deal with them. A week ago I was put on oxygen at night time and as needed during the day. I have COPD from 38 years of smoking and now I pay the piper. Almost five years ago I quit smoking. Unfortunately my lungs didn't bounce back as I had hoped. I now know how a fish feels out of water. When you can't catch your breath it is scary. Warning, warning, warning! Do not smoke. It is not worth it. If you do smoke, then quit. The sooner you quit the better the chance your lungs will get back to normal.
Hope you all are enjoying the Spring. Summer is fast approaching.
Peace and Love to All