Sunday, July 24, 2011

Catching Up

JOY SCALE: 15/10
Hello Everyone, It has been a few months since i posted anything. Life is good. My PSA continues to remain below zero which is excellent. I used the BiPAP machine for a month and found no difference in my energy levels with the exception of the first couple of nights where I felt a little more rested and energetic. I continue to keep busy. That's not hard when you have a farm, especially and old run down farm. My beautiful pioneer wife and myself are keeping very busy bringing our little dream farm back to life. We just got two female llamas that are twelve and thirteen. Right now our farm animal population consists of five horses, one miniature horse, two pygmy donkeys, six pygmy goats and the two llamas. About a month ago I bought my wife her dream horse, a Gypsy. His name is Cajun and he is a very spirited one year old. Shortly after, we bought another youngster. Her name is Adie and she just turned 6 months old. Adie is a Haflinger and are well know to be excellent horse for the handicap to work with. Working with the handicap is one of our dreams for our farm. These youngsters have added more than we ever dreamed of to our farm. Of course we are training them and that requires a lot of time. We don't mind because we love what we are doing. I have mentioned before that keeping busy is good for your health. Loving what you do is also a big influence on your health. I know that is a major reason I continue to feel great. All the other things that I mentioned in past posts also help to keep me healthy. You can also see how I am doing by visiting my Facebook page. It is listed under Hal Emery.
Thank you all for taking time and reading my blog.
Peace and Love

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BiPAP Machine

JOY SCALE: 16/10

Hello Everyone, My sleep study with the CPAP was moved up from February 7, 2011 to December 16, 2010. A few days ago I picked up a brand new state of the art BiPAP machine. It is similar to a CPAP. The results from my last sleep study using the CPAP showed that I needed the BiPAP because of breathing pressure differences. I found out that I stopped breathing during the night approximately 140 times! Wow that is a lot. Here I am with a BiPAP that is supposed to help me get more oxygen when I am sleeping and it even helps me breath if I stop breathing. I'm not sure how long I have had sleep apnea, but I can be sure that my daily morphine intake for the last three years has made it worse. Morphine slows downs your respiratory system. When I woke up this morning I felt much more rested and energetic. I know that after a few more nights of wearing the BiPAP that I will feel even better when I wake up. Isn't modern technology great?
On the cancer front I feel great. I am still losing weight, but it has slowed down and now I weigh around 150 pounds which is an ideal weight for my body size. I keep busy with our small farm and other things around our home. Keeping busy is a very good thing to do. It keeps your mind off of cancer.
Keep thinking posiive. The mind is a powerful organ.
Peace and Love