Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Upcoming Operation and Catch Up

JOY SCALE: 10/10

Hello Everyone, It has been a good while since I posted anything. I mentioned before that there would be long times between posts because there would be nothing important to say. I will bring you up to speed. Since my last blog my health has changed a little for the worse, but my attitude is still positive. I believe the attitude is most important when dealing with major health issues. In regards to my health my peripheral neurophathy has become more painful in my feet. My COPD has gotten worse and I have decided to try to repair my deviated septum. My PSA is still below 0.1. Yeah! Many thanks to my beautiful and loving wife who tolerates me and, at the same time, takes very good care of me.

On the 31st of this month I will be heading back to VA surgery for some much needed work on my snout. For thirty years I have not been able to breath through my left nostril. I have adjusted to it over the years until now. My lungs are under great strain thanks to my COPD. See what thirty eight years of smoking will do! In addition to COPD I have sleep apnea. I went to the ENT Department at the VA and they suggested an out patient procedure that would last about an hour and a half. The doctor will adjust the cartilage in my honker so that there will be more room in the left side of my nose. In addition the doctor will reduce the turbinates in the right side of my honker. I think the turbinates stir up the air as it passes through or something to that effect. I will then go home with two wooden splints either inside or outside of my beak. This highly humorous picture is sure to amuse my wife, but I don't mind because I will be able to breath much better in about a weeks time. Then we will see if the sleep apnea goes away and the quality of my sleep is better.

In October I have the priviledge of participating in a sleep study to see where I am at in regards to my sleep patterns and it's quality. Of course I will keep you up to date when the tiime comes.

That's it for now and I thank you for reading my blog and maybe even passing out my blog address to someone who needs a little help.

Enjoy what is left of Summer.