Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sleep Study and General Welfare

JOY SCALE: 15/10
Hi, I finally received my sleep study results. I have Sleep Apnea which means that I stop breathing at night. The Dayton VA have scheduled me for another sleep study with a CPAP in order to see if the CPAP would help me at night. That sleep study will be on February 7, 2011. My thirty eight years of smoking did my lungs in. Quit smoking! All that smoking caused me to have COPD and could have had a hand in my sleep apnea.

I feel absolutely wonderful. The are several reasons why. First, I have been getting plenty of sleep. If you recall several blog posts ago I talked about staying up until the wee hours of the morning and getting up early. I generally tried to function that way because I was afraid of missing something. However, I ended up taking numerous mini naps during the day and I missed many important things. Plenty of rest is very important for good health and a healthy brain. Second, I lost a little over thirty pounds and coupled with plenty of sleep I feel like a new man. The lost weight allowed me to bend over and tie my shoes without cutting off my breathing among other things that involve my breathing. I would dare to say that the lost weight also helped my COPD. My energy levels hit the roof. Third, my wife started me on an iodine regimen which works on the thyroid gland and cancer. Fourth, my wife has me on a vigorous supplement schedule that fights cancer and helps with various aspects of my health. I would like to thank my beautiful and smart wife for having immense patience with my strong willed ways and a deep love for me during sickness and health. Because of you I will live for many years. Thank you Honey.
Peace and Love