Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just Checking In

JOY SCALE: 10/10

Hello Everyone, That's right I am still alive. I want to update you all on what is happening in my life. My wonderful Soul Mate and wife is on a quest to find my old prescription of testosterone suppressing drug called Zoladex. Let me give you a little background. About five months ago the VA switched me to a testosterone suppressing drug called Lupron. Lupron was administered every six months whereas Zoladex was every three months. I didn't have a problem with the difference between injection times. My problem was Lupron's side effects. Increased bone pain and neuropathy were two of the side effects that gave me the most trouble. I had already told you about the neuropathy a couple of posts back. My wonderful wife and I decided to try and switch back over to Zoladex. The VA is unable to provide me with Zoladex, only Lupron is available. Zoladex can be obtained through Tricare. I know that my beautiful wife will prevail and I will get back on the Zoladex in no time.

The other areas of my life are filled with happiness and growth.

Peace and Love to All

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